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More than 100 years of experience and tradition.


Beka has a rich history dating back to 1899. Starting with Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler, they co-founded the Beka brand in Betzingen, Germany and embarked on the manufacture of high quality cookware.

In the following years BEKA became a well established brand name,in Germany and other countries. Worldwide patents in innovative technologies and overall customer satisfaction contributed to the growing success, resulting in the construction of an even bigger production plant in Tübingen, Germany in the 1960's.

To help grow and strengthen the global market position further, a new distribution centre was opened in 1991 in Wittisheim , France serving the whole European market.

In 2000 the Belgian cookware manufacturer Allinox bought the Beka brand. With headquarters moved to Oostrozebeke, Belgium, a distribution centre in France and a growing number of sales offices, Beka consolidated its position on the European market.

A few years later, long term plans to pursue an international image lead to the opening of sales and operational offices in the United States and Hong Kong.

In 2011 Beka Cookware invested in new upcoming markets outside Europe and the first Beka Cookware shop-in-shops opened in Russia, Taiwan and China with more to follow.

To offer an even better service to all our worldwide clients the complete handling was concentrated in a fully renewed and automated distribution centre in Belgium in 2012. Following Beka Cookware’s green philosophy 1500 square metres of solar panels were installed on the new warehouse providing sustainable energy for the Beka headquarters.

In 2013 Beka Cookware’s continuous striving for innovation and development was rewarded with prestigious rewards in Asia and Europe. In Hong Kong we received the award for “strongest development of brand awareness on TV” annually presented by the Television Broadcasts Company (TVB), one of the largest commercial Chinese programme producers in the world. In Belgium, our Nest range won the Henry van de Velde Award, the most prestigious Design Award in Belgium.

At Beka Cookware we have always believed in an open and direct communication with our customers. Today, more than ever, cooking enthusiasts can stay in touch with us through our website and social media, where they can find information on our products, tips & tricks for the kitchen and delicious recipes for every occasion.


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